Get To Know OSI Foods, CEO, David McDonald

Need Organic? Trust The OSI Foods Network

Why not eat smart every chance you get? Thousands of customers are being a fed an OSI Foods, diet around the world. You have the opportunity to choose from a strict organic diet approved by the Food And Drug Administration. Their stockholders are pleased with their $65.7 billion dollars in assets. They’ve been able to create a stronger international partnership with two major food industries. Best of all, they’re celebrating a successful relationship with the China and United States, for over 20 years. Their organic food products contain a healthy daily allowance of antioxidants.

David McDonald, Stands Behind International Deal

The OSI, CEO, David McDonald, has played a key role in their recent international merger. He has been able to build a successful business relationship to acquire the Flagship Europe Food Group. McDonald says, they will process their food condiments and frozen poultry. The deal was worth an estimated $7 million dollars and has been a great deal for both food giants. Operating from their largest food facility, has allowed OSI, to double their chicken production. David McDonald, was also one of the proud recipients for the 2016, British Council Food Awards.

More About Their Food Team Executives

McDonald, is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois. He has been able to create a design initiative to serve impoverished communities. He understands the need for job stability. McDonald, has been able to create over 5,000+ jobs worldwide. Their team of professionals say, he lends a generous amount of time and resources to many humanitarian causes. David McDonald, actively participates in the YMCA and the Boys Scouts of America. He also helped acquire a Chicago, Tyson food plant to help thousands of workers retain their job. If you’re interested in a diverse work opportunity, you have the opportunity to work with OSI, from many positions around the world. Today, they have a strong group of employees worldwide. Take part in the food safety industry with the food service leaders. Visit the popular OSI Industries, website, and learn more about OSI, foods.

Igor Cornelsen: Investment Advice, Trend-Watcher

Igor Cornelsen offers advice to clients who are considering major investments. His views are based on years of experience handling complex stocks for large businesses. Because of this history, he is confident advising clients to work with the investment firm Bainbridge Group Inc. After experiencing the firm’s expertise, he continues to use their services when dealing with large movements within the stock market. As an investment banker, he understands the importance of generating solid business ideas before launching any major initiative that will require ongoing streams of capital. When he engages in public speaking, he advises new entrepreneurs and managers to carefully consider the source of the information that is informing their decisions.

Participation in emerging markets can create excellent opportunities for investments, for example. However, investors tend to be cautious when dealing in unfamiliar markets for the first time. China and Brazil are examples of countries where Mr. Igor Cornelsen believes that investors should become active. This is true regardless of temporary economic conditions that might make it seem like the wrong time for investment. There is an advantage to be gained when clients have access to a financial adviser who has already established a track record of correctly anticipating the effects of economic events. This is the service that Mr. Cornelsen is most proud to offer to clients with investment portfolios of various sizes.

Following Stock Market Trends

Accurate analysis can help investors to make informed decisions. This is necessary to understand the basic trends in the stock market, for example. Because he reads credible literature on these subjects, Igor Cornelsen is able to remain ahead of the competition. He was able to anticipate the recover in the wake of the recession that occurred in Brazil during 2016, for example. He went on the record to encourage investors to weather the storm, and the improving conditions in the following years proved that his analysis was correct. He has personal experience participating in the process of making investments, he understands risk, and this allows his clients to be confident that his advice will yield desirable results over time.

His investment advice also include methods that clients can use to generate additional income. His public speaking addresses include a good deal of material on the topic of passive income. When investors understand the process of how to generate passive income, they are more likely to feel comfortable supplying the necessary capital to get the process started. The revenue streams can take time to begin providing the level of passive income that is desired; however, this period of time represents a significant transition for the client. This is why it is important to understand the investment process as much as possible. It is even more important to work with a financial adviser who is familiar with the complex patterns that shape the global market economy.

Investment Advice Strategies

He stays ahead of the stock market by reading credible literature that is dense and concise. This is a reliable way to obtain essential information about the stock market, and it allows him to stay ahead of the curve. He also spends considerable effort staying ahead of major international news because of the effects that global events can have on stocks. He compares data sourced through written documents and professional publications with the types of comments and views held by his friends and colleagues in order to obtain a complete analysis of a particular economic environment.

Asset sales can be made under ideal conditions. This idea remains at the core of his investment strategies. According to Igor Cornelsen, managers can handle the transfer of assets from one area to another best when they understand the global conditions that are occurring. This prevents managers from making short-sighted decisions based on limited hubs of data. When investors can time the sale of assets to countries during a period of economic or political crisis, the outcome is different than investing during times of relative stability.

Igor Cornelsen, Background and Education

Igor Cornelsen began his career by overcoming the difficult process of getting accepted into the only engineering program in his area. Once he was accepted into the engineering program at the Federal University of Parana, he began to exercise the type of analysis that would later become the signature of his career. By carefully examining changing conditions, he made the decision to pursue a degree in economics. During the course of his studies, he mastered the concepts of compound interest, and this would allow him to land a job at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. After developing the skill set that would land him a top job as the bank’s CEO. After graduating, he launched his career as an independent entrepreneur, and he is now available to provide advice to others who are dealing with similar concerns.

Bruno Fagali Is Working On Cleaning Up Corruption And Unethical Practices In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a popular lawyer in Brazil who has worked in the legal field for many years. He has a deep working knowledge of administrative law and has earned quite the reputation as a lawyer with plenty of expertise. In the past, he has worked with many different law firms and is now working with the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB and also is an independent practitioner who serves clients through Fagali Law Firm. He has watched as corruption has ruined the credibility of more than one company in Brazil and is happy to see that his country is beginning to raise its level of risk monitoring.

As a member of Fagali Advocacia, he has been offering plenty in way of analysis as well as information related to the number of companies that are adopting anti-corruption practices. He has seen this number rise in recent years and points out that electoral campaigns have even begun to monitor donations more closely than ever before. He believes these recent practices are an example of the way that Brazil is stepping up its game with shutting down corruption in its country and doing away with unethical practices. While this is true, he also knows there is still a lot of work to do and plenty of improvements that can be made. Read more about fagali at

Bruno Fagali has revealed that the audits that are uncovering corruption and unethical practices focus on operational, strategic, cybernetic, regulatory, and financial aspects of a company. He has also spoke about the fact that most of the companies in Brazil have made improvements in the financial risks area as well as with regulatory aspects but that they still have a lot of work to do related to strategic risks and market competition.

Bruno Fagali has received plenty of praise and positive reviews from those who have worked with him as well as from other organizations. National Geographic has called him a competent lawyer who is a good representative of enterprises, executives who work for corporations, and professionals who are looking for services of the highest quality. He has many years of experience serving in his industry and is expecting positive change to come to Brazil.



Sightsavers- 20/20 Visionaries

Foresight can be strong even for those who have physically impaired eyesight. Sightsavers sets out on a mission to help recover and save the sight of 1 million blind citizens over the span of 1095 days. Based in the UK but helping those all over the world, Sightsavers is a charity that has helped change the lives of many people. Their humanitarian approach aims to restore avoidable blindness through cataract operations and proper eye care.

One person who has been blessed by the work of Sightsavers is Winesi March. He is a resident of Malawi, Africa and a farmer in the community. Since becoming a bilateral cataract patient years ago, Winesi stated he felt as if he was dead because he hasn’t been able to provide for his family. He was granted the cataract operation after Sightsavers took a visit to his village for eye examinations. This was a blessing to him as he has a newborn grandson Luka that he has never seen through his own eyes, only hearing him cry. There are many people in his village who suffer from the same illness and he was joyous to be regaining his life again. The operation took under 15 minutes and a bandage was placed over his left eye for 24 hours. Upon taken off the bandage Winesi was overwhelmed with emotion seeing his family for the first time in over two years. After swatting at a fly he saw flying towards his face, he laughed and made his way towards his grandson. Winesi held his grandson while gazing into his eyes before returning the baby back over to his daughter. All of his family members who were present at his bedside joined him in celebration by dancing while singing and chanting African spirituals. The happiness and joy that he and his family shared after being able to see again makes one grateful for eyesight. Beyond physical eyesight, this also makes one grateful for a charity such as Sightsavers who are helping give people hope and vision one operation at a time. A simple donation no matter how much or little can help restore someone’s eyesight.

Todd Lubar Talks About Ways to Take Advantage of the Real Estate Investment Opportunities

In the world of finance and real estate in the United States, one name is familiar to the people, and that is of Todd Lubar. With the experience of nearly three decades in the real estate sector, Todd Lubar has been able to establish himself as one of the leading real estate investor and financial analysts. He has worked with numerous financial and mortgage companies in his career during which he has been able to develop a huge network of associates across the length and breadth of the industry. Todd Lubar has worked with various financial and real estate companies during his lifetime. He started his career by working as a loan originator at Crestar Corporation. Working at Crestar Corporation helped him earn considerable experience in the field of mortgage banking as well as real estate. It is this experience that he has taken forward and achieved something very big in a short period.


From Crestar Corporation, he went on to join the Maryland Office of the famous Legacy Financial where he managed to generate revenue of few hundred million dollars under his leadership. Other than the real estate, Todd Lubar has been involved with a couple of other industries as well as and has managed companies of different sectors, including the demolition industry, nightclub, entertainment industry, and more. Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Ventures that provides financial consultancy services to the people looking to buy a home in Baltimore. Todd Lubar has experience of nearly twenty-five years in the real estate sector of Maryland and surrounding areas. It is what makes him as the perfect consultant for people looking to make a purchase of a house in the Baltimore region and need financial and location guidance.


Todd Lubar believes that it is important for the people who are looking to make an investment in the real estate sector to look at Baltimore region as a suitable option. The economy in the region is growing rapidly, and it is causing an influx of youth population in the city, which has also boosted the sales of the real estate. Todd Lubar believes that for any company to be successful, its employees need to feel that they are part of the company rather than just employees. It is the reason, he always communicates openly with its teammates, and there is complete transparency in which business is conducted. He also believes that only people who are successful in real life can help their companies succeed. They need to be disciplined and know what their goals are if they want to succeed. Todd Lubar advice to young people is that they will face more closed doors than open ones. They need to find their own opportunities and also create a pathway to achieve it.



Bradesco Seguros: President Luis Carlos Trabuco

If you could listen to different people who talk about Luis Carlos Trabuco, they don’t only give his a description as known Executive Officer. That is what a mythical dynasty means. In the last 70 years, it came a time when Bradesco Organization became very successful, it was not other than Luiz Carlos Trabuco success. He has been the fourth president of the organization before he came to retire. Holding the presidency of the company has been a long lineage where Amador Aguiar started it. A position which can be described as having the power that is unquestionable. It is being given responsibilities of leading the largest financial institution which is located in Latin America. The assets of the company are worth more than R $ 900 billion and it also has 27 million people who hold the accounts with the institution.

Having been born in Marilla, he went for his studies at Sao Paulo. The organization awarded him with Science and letters after being in the faculty of Philosophy. He later went for further studies at Fundacao School to pursue a post graduation course where he was awarded Socio-Psychology wherein the institution majors in sociology and politics. After he was done with education, he started up his career in 1969 and he was just 18 years old by that time. He has been able to pass through diverse positions in his career time.

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While in Bradesco Seguros, the organization made him department director in 1984 and some years later after showing progressive work, he was made Executive Managing director in 1998. in a years time, he had already become the organizations Executive Vice president. He worked as the vice until when his promotion came and he was made the bank’s president.

During the working time at Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco management made the success of the bank to be achieved. In a period of 6 years only, the bank assets had already doubled from where it was R $32 billion in the years 2003 and by 2008 fiscal year it had over assets worth R $ 78 billion. After he had worked for only one year, the bank’s equity increased from previous year of 22% to $29% and this was his trend until his retirement period. He never had a rate falling 27% and as the bank participated in the group, it had its results increase from 26% rising to 35%.

There was performance leverage when selecting the replacement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. It took him and other conclave members time when deciding to select the successor before they concluded Marcio Cipriano. That was their enormous responsibility. The president of Bradesco Seguros, after Luiz Carlos Trabuco was given to Lazaro Brandao who was the next respected banker in the country.

During his long period of work, his management had a notable organic growth of the bank. The bank had increased with the account holders from 20 million up to 27 million which was seen as the greatest achievement according to He also had contributed greatly in service network agencies that increased from 3,500 to 5,000.

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Talkspace Shares Advice For Dealing With The End Of A Friendship

There are times when adults need to end their relationship with a friend, and Talkspace has advice for those who need to do that. Ending a relationship with a close friend can be as difficult as ending a relationship with a partner, and it is important for a person to be grownup about the way that they end things. Friends should try to discuss things in person and be mature about what is going on with their relationship. It is important for the one who is losing a friend to put some space between their own life and the life of their friend. It is important for the one who is losing a friend to realize that the pain that they feel is real and understandable, and it is important for that person to see the breakup as an opportunity to build better and stronger friendships in the future.

Talkspace is an app that allows individuals to be set up with a new and modern twist on therapy. This app allows people to connect with a therapist via text message and right from their own homes. Through the help of this app, people can be connected with their therapist at all hours of the day and night.

Those who have worked for Talkspace have shared that it is an excellent place to work and that it is staffed by talented people. Those who have worked for the company have shared that it sets them up with a great learning environment.

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Handling Your Capital Management with Madison Street Capital

As a corporate owner and business professional, you know how vital it is for you to handle your finances in a way that benefits your company. If your finances go downhill, it can bring the entire company under with it. Because of this problem, it is essential that you make the decision to work with a professional capital management firm like Madison Street Capital so that they handle the financial aspect of your corporation for you. The reason Madison Street Capital is a prime choice for thousands of people is because of the work they have done and the fact that they have worked on some of the largest accounts in the world.


What Madison Street Capital is able to do is help you with your finances, whether this be according to tax that you might owe, a bankruptcy that is underway or simply budgeting and investing to grow what you already have. By hiring Madison Street Capital, you’re taking the work off of your own plate and putting it onto someone else’s who is better equipped to handle the stress and problems that come along with it. After all, there are lots of things that can happen when trying to maintain and manage the company you’re running, so make sure that you look into this for your own advantage.


The great thing about Madison Street Capital is that they have several different offices, and two of them can be found overseas. When you hire Madison Street Capital, they work right away to get your financial life in order. In fact, Madison Street Capital is even able to work with individuals along with corporations, so there is no one that this company cannot help and handle. You just need to contact Madison Street Capital and find out if they can work with you on the budget that you’re able to afford right now.


Being able to hire a professional agency like Madison Street Capital is a way for you to know that you’re getting assistance when it is needed. They have been around for well over two whole decades, so they are definitely doing something right and will be able to assist you in anything that it is that you’re going to need. Before you make this choice, look at some of the other wealth management agencies out there and realize that Madison Street Capital is one of its kind and has helped countless amounts of people who are in need of financial aid and management. Now is the time for you to take a look at this amazing choice for yourself and realize that Madison Street Capital is a prime example of a company that you should be working with right now.


Starting from the bottom with Mark Mofid

It often seems that it’s getting harder and harder to start a small business in the United States. With increasing regulation and competition it can seem impossible to compete with the well established players in the market. While this may be true for some large industries, there are many more opportunities in smaller, more specialized fields. It is still very possible start from the bottom and make something great for yourself.

One of the best examples of this is the work done by Mark Mofid to transform his cosmetic surgery practice from a single room, 850 square foot operation to one requiring multiple staff members and assistance. In a recent interview, Mark Mofid got some time to share his thoughts on the industry as well as starting a business.

Most notably, Mark Mofid emphasized that starting at the bottom was a benefit for him. He believes that one the most important things a business can do for itself is to avoid putting the cart before the horse. Just because your competitors have the latest and greatest technology and tools does not mean that you cannot compete with them on other levels. By starting small and focusing on what you’re good at you can develop a customer base and expand your skill-set one little bit at a time. It’s better to be good at one thing that lukewarm at several.

Another piece of Mark Mofid’s philosophy on small business is that smaller your organization is the easier it is to select and retain good talent. He believes that experience is highly overrated, and some of the best employees that had ever worked for him were not experienced. Instead these people were driven, motivated, and sharp without the usual baggage and bad habits that come with learning to do things in an inefficient manner at a different employer.

Simply put, the smaller your business is the more agile it can be. You can quickly adjust to the trends in the marketplace all while making more specific and tailored choices regarding your staffing and services. While Mark’s experience is exclusively in cosmetic surgery, he believes that it can be applied to almost any small business or organization all the same.

Boraie Development Plans for the Future

The real estate market is growing rapidly in New Jersey. While many people are looking at the residential real estate market, Boraie Development is working on building commercial property. Commercial property is essential to sustaining the growth in the area. Boraie Development is a company that has done business in New Jersey for years. With their depth of experience, they are a great company to work with and learn from.


One of the things that separates Boraie Development from other companies in the industry is their customer service. This a great company to work with on any residential or commercial project that you may have. Check out their website




Customer Service


According to Patch, Boraie Development was started many years ago as a small company. Over the years, the owners concentrated on providing great value to clients who needed help with their real estate investments. If you are ready to take things to the next level in your life, working with Boraie Development is a great decision.


One of the things that really separates Boraie Development from other companies is the technology they use. You will be able to get daily updates on the projects that they are working on for you. Instead of worrying about whether a project is going to finish on time, you will be able to know throughout the process.



Future Growth


With the success of the business, Boraie Development is getting ready to grow in the future. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes that the company is working on. Not only will it be able to serve more customers, but Boraie Development will also invest in new technology to help customers throughout the construction process.


Boraie Development has played a pivotal role in the development of commercial and residential areas in New Jersey.



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