Sightsavers- 20/20 Visionaries

Foresight can be strong even for those who have physically impaired eyesight. Sightsavers sets out on a mission to help recover and save the sight of 1 million blind citizens over the span of 1095 days. Based in the UK but helping those all over the world, Sightsavers is a charity that has helped change the lives of many people. Their humanitarian approach aims to restore avoidable blindness through cataract operations and proper eye care.

One person who has been blessed by the work of Sightsavers is Winesi March. He is a resident of Malawi, Africa and a farmer in the community. Since becoming a bilateral cataract patient years ago, Winesi stated he felt as if he was dead because he hasn’t been able to provide for his family. He was granted the cataract operation after Sightsavers took a visit to his village for eye examinations. This was a blessing to him as he has a newborn grandson Luka that he has never seen through his own eyes, only hearing him cry. There are many people in his village who suffer from the same illness and he was joyous to be regaining his life again. The operation took under 15 minutes and a bandage was placed over his left eye for 24 hours. Upon taken off the bandage Winesi was overwhelmed with emotion seeing his family for the first time in over two years. After swatting at a fly he saw flying towards his face, he laughed and made his way towards his grandson. Winesi held his grandson while gazing into his eyes before returning the baby back over to his daughter. All of his family members who were present at his bedside joined him in celebration by dancing while singing and chanting African spirituals. The happiness and joy that he and his family shared after being able to see again makes one grateful for eyesight. Beyond physical eyesight, this also makes one grateful for a charity such as Sightsavers who are helping give people hope and vision one operation at a time. A simple donation no matter how much or little can help restore someone’s eyesight.