Securus Technologies continues making prisons safer through containment of cell phones

When Robert Johnson graduated from high school, like many young people, he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do. He considered going to college but was put off by the steep costs and likely need to go far into debt in order to get a four-year degree. He bounced around from job to job for a couple of years, never really finding anything that he could picture himself dedicating his life to.


But then, in the early 1990s, Johnson saw an advertisement in the paper from the Florida Department of Corrections. The agency was facing a major shortage of prison guards and needed to hire new trainees quickly. Johnson, who had excelled at sports, was intrigued by the job. He went to the job fair that was being hosted by the state and was soon hired on as a new recruit.


Johnson immediately took naturally to his new job. Over the first two years of working at a maximum-security prison, Johnson learned the ropes, getting first-hand lessons in how to deal with inmates in all kinds of situations, including violent encounters. Johnson was described by his fellow employees as being an almost perfect fit for the job. He was mild-mannered and charismatic. But at the same time, the physically imposing Johnson had a formidable and commanding presence. He was one of the few guards who could garner genuine respect from even the most violent inmates, while still remaining respectful.


Ten years later, Johnson was now the head of an elite inter-prison special forces team known as SERT. It was the job of Johnson and his team to handle some of the most difficult missions within the Florida state prison system. These included high-risk cell searches, inmate extractions and moving dangerous or famous inmates, who are often targeted by other inmates for physical violence.


One of these high-risk searches found Johnson leading a team of highly trained officers in the surprise raid of the cell of an inmate suspected of trafficking in narcotics. The raid uncovered a paper-wrapped package that weighed approximately 2 pounds. Johnson immediately saw that the package contained powder.


It was later determined by the state’s labs that the package contained nearly pure heroine. By that time, Johnson had gained a reputation as a straight-shooter, someone that the prison gang to whom the drugs belonged could not bribe at any price.


One morning, as Johnson prepared for work, a gunman kicked in his front door, firing six shots into Johnson at nearly point-blank range. He barely survived. It was later revealed that the prison gang that was moving the confiscated drugs had used an illicit cell phone to order the murder of Johnson.


Now, Johnson works with Securus Technologies, bringing its Wireless Containment System anti-cell phone technology to prisons across the country.


Inmates and Cellphone Use

Robert Johnson is a normal individual who has a major goal. This goal has been a driving factor in his day-to-day life for a handful of years now, too. He has a big problem with inmates who have any kind of access to cell phone use. He wants to stop incarcerated people from being able to use mobile devices of any kind. He has good reason for that, too. He experienced a big issue that involved inmates and cellphones seven years ago. Johnson doesn’t think that it’s acceptable for people who are in jail to be able to use cellphones for any reason. He thinks that allowing them to use cellphones is a big hazard to people everywhere.


Johnson comes from Delray Beach, Florida. He had a job in South Carolina back in 2010. His position was with Lee Correctional Institution. He was already an industry veteran by that time. He’s been a successful corrections employee for 15 full years. He essentially managed all tasks that involved contraband confiscation. He thrived in the contraband confiscation division. That ended up being quite problematic, though. It actually encouraged an inmate to attack him in the comfort of his own residence.


Johnson retrieved a sizable parcel roughly two weeks before the frightening attack. It was a contraband parcel that was thought to have a steep $50,000 value. March 5th in 2010 started out like any other normal morning. Johnson was getting ready at 5:30Am. He was set to go to work that day. That’s when he a massive sound jarred him. Someone from outside pressed against his door. He had an unfortunate realization then, too. He associated the sound with a potential attack. That understandably intimidated him to no end. Johnson made the choice to ask the invader to move toward his hallway. The last thing he wanted was for the person to enter the bedroom. His unassuming wife was fast asleep at that point. Johnson experienced a brief brawl with the trespasser. The trespasser was significantly bigger than he was and forced him down after a while. Things got even worse then. The man elevated a gun barrel in Johnson’s direction. That’s approximately the time Johnson totally blacked out.


Johnson is a serious man who doesn’t want anyone else to go through his harrowing experience. That’s why he simply cannot stop talking about this subject to the people who come his way.


Securus deploys Wireless Containment System to prisons across the nation

Robert Johnson was a commander on a special team within one of the state of Florida’s most dangerous and violent maximum security prisons. As the leader of the SERT team, which stands for Special Emergency Response Team, Johnson was responsible for carrying out all of the tasks that were deemed to dangerous or too difficult for regular corrections officers.


On one occasion, Johnson and his team entered a cell and found a package containing a powder substance that had been hidden underneath a bunk. Lab tests confirmed that the contents of the package were nearly pure heroin. It was estimated that the package had a street value of $50,000, meaning the drugs were likely worth up to a quarter of a million dollars inside the prison.


Johnson had gained the reputation of being incorruptible. Over his 15 year career, he had never taken a bribe or bent the rules on behalf of any inmates. While he was respected, all of the inmates, including members of prison gangs, understood that there was no chance of paying Johnson off or extorting him. He was a model corrections officer who could not and would not be bought.


So, when word got back to the gang leadership to whom the heroin belonged, they harbored no illusions about any possibility of ever seeing the small fortune in drugs again. In prison, a $250,000 package is equivalent to losing the contents of an oil supertanker. The gang and its leadership was extremely upset at the loss. They decided to send a message.


As Johnson was preparing himself for work one morning, a gunman broke down his front door, stormed into his home and shot Johnson six times at nearly point-blank range. By some miracle, Johnson managed to survive. But after over 30 surgeries, his body was too badly broken for him to return to the demanding line of work that ultimately led to his ordeal.


It was later determined that the gang leader who had ordered the hit on Johnson from the very prison where the lifelong guard worked had used a contraband cell phone to contact the hit man.


Today, Johnson is back working in the prison industry, but in a different area. He has teamed up with Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading prison communications providers, to help sell the company’s Wireless Containment System. The system is able to intercept and block 100 percent of all unauthorized cell phone calls taking place within prison grounds. Johnson says that if the system would have been installed in the prison where he worked, he never would have endured such a close brush with death. Johnson says that, the sooner every prison in America adopts the system and puts an end to the threat that cell phones pose, the safer guards will be.


Securus Technologies: Helping Maintain Public Safety Through Inmate Monitoring

Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in providing inmate communications services to prisons across the United States and Canada. The company is one of the top service providers in the entire country and is known for the incredible communications services that they provide. The inmates are given a range of voice and video calling options so that they can contact their friends and family on the outside. They have made the entire communication process straightforward and efficient, which is why they are so sought after.


Because of the very nature of the service that they provide, the company has had to implement a number of security measures. As a communications provider, they get access to all the inmate calls that go through the prison. These calls are also recorded and stored for future reference and are used in the time of need. By doing this, the company has been able to assist juries in criminal trials and has become an important information provider in the system. In the past, Securus Technologies has been responsible for catching numerous criminals who were indulging in illegal activities through the communications that they were partaking in. The company has been doing this since the beginning of its formation and has become a vital part of public safety.


Securus Technologies always tries to stay at the top of the technology sector and regularly upgrades the services that they offer. This helps them make their entire process a lot more effective and efficient, thereby helping them safeguard the public in a better way. Numerous prisons all over the country also depend on Securus Technologies so that they can keep a closer track of their inmates and catch them if they need to. The company has made monitoring inmates more efficient, which otherwise would not have been possible.



Securus Technologies Is Committed To Delivering

Securus Technologies is known for providing cutting edge technology solutions to the civil as well as criminal justice system. In this way, it is improving public safety both inside as well as outside the facilities. The incarceration experience is being modernized through Securus Technologies.


There are several public safety concerns, as well as law enforcement along with corrections agencies that are relying on Securus Technologies. This is because Securus is providing them secure and simple technology solutions which are highly powerful too. These are accessible as well as easy to use for everyone.


Securus Technologies has hundreds of patents to its name. It has several engineers, technologists, as well as designers along with thinkers working for it. All of them are looking for innovative solutions all the time. They realize that the criminals are becoming tech-savvy. Hence Securus Technologies has to remain a step ahead. It is making use of technology that is innovative and second to none.


Hence Securus Technologies is committed to providing software solutions that make use of the latest in technology. It is offering products and services that are of the highest quality. In this way, it translates into the best economics for customers. Meanwhile, Securus Technologies is providing the best experience in customer service too.


Securus Technologies is providing means for connecting family and friends to their loved one who is incarcerated. In addition, Securus Technologies is also connecting personnel at the correctional facility personnel to all kinds of critical information. This is helping to make the facilities safer. It helps to know what is happening inside the jails and prisons. This way many crimes are prevented even before they take place. Besides, many old cases can also be resolved in this manner. Thus a lot of inmates-on-inmates crimes are prevented through the solutions provided by Securus Technologies.