Kate Hudsons Fabletics About to Give Amazon Company

When you take a look at the top of the e-commerce apparel market, Amazon has been comfortably sitting in the best position for many years. They have taken in over 20 percent of the sales in this niche, while the thousands of other apparel companies are fighting for scraps. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of those thousands of companies that has broken away from the pack and in zeroing in on closing that gap with Amazon. In just three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold over $250 million in women’s active-wear and workout apparel.


Hudson talked about how her company has been able to make such advances while the rest of the industry is falling back, and she credits most of the success to her membership plan and the sales process called reverse-showrooming. These two components of her sales strategy appear to have really connected with women, and if sales numbers are the indicator, Amazon could have some serious competition to worry about this year. Looking at the way women buy at Fabletics, we have to travel to the mall to see these women at the local retail store. Here they gran their Fabletics membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz, they window-shop all the latest arrivals, and they try on as many pieces of workout apparel as they desire.


When these same customers are visiting the e-commerce site of Fabletics, then you really see how the sales process works. If you try anything on at the local Fabletics store in the mall, those pieces of active-wear instantly get added to your online account. What makes this so beneficial for the customer is they no longer have to worry if the clothing they want to buy will eventually fit them. Knowing each item flatters their frame perfectly, these women only have to decide how many pieces of the workout apparel they can add to their shopping cart.


Included with the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership, free shipping on all online orders, special discounted pricing, and the assistance of your own personal shopper. It appears that Hudson has given female shoppers exactly what they want, pampering, high-quality workout apparel, discounted pricing on active-wear, and the ease of ordering online. Amazon may be enjoying the top spot in the apparel niche today, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has them in their sights and is close to catching the retail giant in the very near future.

How Is Fabletics Changing The Lives Of Consumers?

Fabletics and Kate Hudson, hands in hands, working hard to make fashion easy so that everyone can have the liberty to use it, no matter about their class and their income. Fabletics is with the help of its reverse showroom techniques, helping a huge number of individuals across the globe. The only requirement for using Fabletics is that you must get registered with them.


Registration is of two types; the first one is free membership, and it provides you the liberty to try this new method of marketing method invested by Kate along with her team of professionals. The only drawback for a free membership is that by signing as a free member, you will charge a relatively higher price for the same product that would be cheap for paid membership.


The other type of membership is the paid one and to become paid or VIP member, a customer has to pay a fixed amount of money every month, and that would be around US$39. As the name implies, this type of membership helps to get notification of products first as compare to the non-paid membership. And the prices would be relatively low for the same product that would cost few additional dollars in free membership.


Fabletics is the very first and leading fashion warehouse that is using reverse showroom technique to help their customers be in touch with the fashion industry and try the latest fashion with ease and cheaply. Fabletics presently deals in the development of leisure/athletic clothing, but it has planned to expand the working sector and comes in different clothing styles to provide their multiple industry choices.


As you already knew that the reverse technique is a technique/method process which involves people visiting numerous online stores in search of a product to purchase that sought-after product at an aggressive rate with the help of an online company. This technique was primarily thought to diminish the sales of traditional sales companies that are working online to provide their customers a liberty to get what they want at a lower price and be in touch with the local fashion industry.


According to fashion expert from Fabletics, reverse showroom technique has been successfully implemented by Fabletics, and now its satisfied clientele is rising day by day. And that’s because Fabletics is working for the benefit of their client so that they can in touch with the fashion industry and can try the latest apparel as the lavish class does.