Dr. Mark Holterman- Experienced modern Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Mark Holterman is a modern Pediatric Surgeon who has achieved great success in his career and has been able to serve in several health institutions. Though he is currently serving in Peoria, Illinois, Dr. Mark has the rich history of having worked in institutions like Carle Foundation Hospital alongside the OSF St. Francis Medical Centre. This article aims at discussing a bit of Dr. Mark’s great work and personal profile.


Education and Medical Training


Dr. Mark Holterman attended several pieces of training and colleges to gain the rich skills that he has in Paediatrics. He attended the University of Virginia where he built his medical career for a significant period. In the University of Virginia, Dr. Mark Holterman studied, Residency, General Surgery. He then moved to Children’s Hospital and Medical center where he studied Fellowship, Pediatric Surgery. Finally, he went to the medical school at the University Of Virginia; School Of Medicine.


Certifications and Licensure


It has never been an easy task to convince the public and the government of the great medical skills that one holds (Facebook). For Dr. Mark to reach the level that he now enjoys, he had to be certified by the various health departments before qualifying to render his services to the patients. American Board of Surgery certified him in pediatric surgery. After that, American Board of Surgery certified Dr. Mark in surgery. Last but not least, IL State of Medical Licences certified Dr. Mark as a great individual that can handle patients with various health complications.


Awards, Honors, and Recognitions


Dr. Mark Holterman has received quite some awards during his career including ACS Fellow, Americas Top Doctors (2014), America’s Top Doctor’s (2013). From his awards, it is obvious that the doctor has gained recognition and reputation that he continuous to build as he serves in his career.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical practitioner who is known for his amazing skills in handling patients of different kinds and ensuring that their health problems are professionally handled. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that his career achievements are linked to the skills and knowledge that he has carefully nurtured through experience and learning.

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Bob Reina: He Commands A Room

Presence is something that can’t be bought and it can’t be purchased. Either someone has it or they don’t as an individual. Bob Reina is the type of person that when he walks into a room, people stand up and they pay attention. Here is the thing, though: he has not done that by being a bully and scaring people. He has earned their respect by his results as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. As they often say, respect is earned and not given. He has created a company that has won big awards from big companies. He has also given back with record-shattering donations to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Learn  more:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73t_xeZFmIQ


When someone gets into a position of power, it is important that they handle it correctly and with class. Bob Reina has made it a point to do that at every turn. That is something that truly matters to him. Oftentimes, people say it is how someone handles failure that will define them. Although, when someone has the kind of success that Talk Fusion has had with its video, chat, and data, they have kept it all in perspective. They have never lost sight of the big picture and they have never lost sight of the customers and the people.


Talk Fusion has a promotion going on at the present time where someone can use it on a trial period for 30-days at no charge, which is pretty special. Sometimes, people are scared to try out a product or they have a little bit of hesitancy when it comes to using it for whatever reason. Maybe they are scared and that is perfectly OK. Bob Reina believes that once people get their hands on it and try it out, all of that fear will go away and they will be confident using it moving forward. They will become life-long customers. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/


A lot of people just need to try it out and see what it is all about and give it a shot before they commit, which is totally understandable. Bob Reina always puts himself in the shoes of the customer.Learn more : http://www.forbes.com/sites/quickerbettertech/2010/11/10/talk-really-can-be-cheap/#2924b32c4076