The Osteo Relief Institute Is Leading The Future Of Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a chronic, yet common condition. Today, more than 50 million adults in the United States are suffering from this condition.


Since there is no permanent cure or treatment for osteoarthritis, pain-management and proper education are essential to living a happy, healthier life. Regular exercise is important and is a preventative method for several diseases and conditions. For osteoarthritis, light exercise can help loosen muscles and stiff joints. It is important to choose activities that help build and strengthen muscle and to avoid repetitive movements which can overwork the joints.


When exercise and self-management aren’t enough to help cope with the pain of osteoarthritis, there are several different medications to help ease the level of discomfort. Physical Therapist may also aid in pain management by assisting with mobility training to help patients regain strength in the affected areas.


In New York, a team of professionals is working together to improve the options for treatment and management of osteoarthritis. At the Osteo Relief Institute, physicians and therapist are committed to treating patients like family. Th team of professionals values the individuality, and total health and wellness of each patient. Each Osteo Relief Institute location consists of a team of board-certified physicians and physical therapists with the shared goal of helping patients return to their lives one step at a time.


By using the most advanced technology, and a combination of FDA approved treatment and technologies, the Oseto Relief Institute creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient. The Institute also specializes in providing alternative treatment options for some of the most common complications. Knee pain is one of the most common ailments of osteoarthritis, the Osteo Relief Institute offers noninvasive treatment procedures for this and many other complications.


Founded in 2012, and based in New Jersey, the Oteo Relief Institute is an independently owned pain management and treatment center. The team of licensed professionals is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and providing long-lasting pain relief solutions (GazetteDay). Osteo Relief physicians and therapists attempt to educate patients on all options for treatment before turning to surgery.

Planning for the future, the network of professionals are already teaming up with scientist and researchers for advancements in pain relief. A pain-free future doesn’t have to require surgery. Non-Surgical pain relief is at the forefront of pain management, and the Osteo Relief Institute is leading the way.

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