Advantages of Professional Associations

Professional societies exist to help people learn job skills and knowledge that are not taught in school or in on-the-job training. In 2010 the American Society of Association Executives reported that there are ninety-two thousand professional and trade associations in the United States.

Individual workers are recruited by professional associations while companies are targeted by trade associations. Membership benefits of professional societies include educational programs, competitions for industry awards, networking opportunities, and association leadership roles to gain credibility.

Educational Resources

Associations take pride in their member newsletters, which include websites, webinars, tools and other data. Original research is done by employed staff. Those who are new to the workforce and those looking to make a change will find these resources useful. Even seasoned industry veterans, like architect Robert Ivy, can take advantage of this privileged information.

Opportunities to Network

Large conferences are hosted by professional associations annually bringing together large numbers of workers. These allow for meetings with leaders and peers. Other opportunities include workshops, education sessions, happy hours and committees with volunteer events and receptions.

Help Provided By Professional Organizations

Political lobbying and efforts to influence the decisions of policy-makers are prioritized by trade associations, giving members a boost. Credibility is gained, as well as the ability to show that you are dedicated to your field. There are set ethics standards to follow and having the membership improves your resume.

The Right Association for You

There are a number of different associations for various professions. Workers must decide which is right for them. Young professionals want an association designed for them, while those with more experience want to join associations tailored to seasoned professionals. Industries and job functions influence the choice. Workers might want to join an organization that specializes in their area of expertise. There are costs associated with joining these organizations, but their benefits are worth the expense.

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