Rocketship Education: A Stellar Learning Environment

A lot of controversies have surrounded the charter school system of Rocketship Education after an article was published on NPR’s website about their policies and practices. While the NPR author claims that the piece was intended to be neutral many supporters of the school system believe that much of the information presented is in a very biased tone. In fact, they believe that that many of the people that support Rocketship Education were not given the chance to voice how they feel about the institution. The author claims that they interviewed a disgruntled parent and a positive parent but looking through the piece it seems that positivity is not given the same amount of respect as the negative. For many, they believe that this piece is part of a personal vendetta against the school system itself or possibly the notion of charter schools in general.

For those who are unfamiliar with Rocketship Education, it is a charter school organization that was founded in 2006 to help the student population in the surrounding area of San Jose, California. Very quickly the founders realized that there was a huge need for this type of education and they began to grow. The reason why the school is so popular is that they cater to some of the most vulnerable children in the student population. Children of lower socioeconomic status and minorities are welcomed within the doors of Rocketship Education.

Some of the criticism surrounding Rocketship Education is its strict schedule, limiting of bathroom breaks, and technologically based education. Rocketship Education prides itself on providing students with the most up-to-date education terms available but they do not sacrifice a children’s ability to learn. When they realized that a totally technologically based lesson plan would not meet the needs of their students they worked to integrate it with a more one-on-one approach. The schedule and bathroom breaks are also reminiscent of most public-schools and charter schools. It seems that Rocketship Education is suffering from a degree of criticism that should be labeled across all school systems in the United States instead of just this organization. People interested in more the facts should view Rocketship Education’s website.

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