Todd Lubar Talks About Ways to Take Advantage of the Real Estate Investment Opportunities

In the world of finance and real estate in the United States, one name is familiar to the people, and that is of Todd Lubar. With the experience of nearly three decades in the real estate sector, Todd Lubar has been able to establish himself as one of the leading real estate investor and financial analysts. He has worked with numerous financial and mortgage companies in his career during which he has been able to develop a huge network of associates across the length and breadth of the industry. Todd Lubar has worked with various financial and real estate companies during his lifetime. He started his career by working as a loan originator at Crestar Corporation. Working at Crestar Corporation helped him earn considerable experience in the field of mortgage banking as well as real estate. It is this experience that he has taken forward and achieved something very big in a short period.


From Crestar Corporation, he went on to join the Maryland Office of the famous Legacy Financial where he managed to generate revenue of few hundred million dollars under his leadership. Other than the real estate, Todd Lubar has been involved with a couple of other industries as well as and has managed companies of different sectors, including the demolition industry, nightclub, entertainment industry, and more. Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Ventures that provides financial consultancy services to the people looking to buy a home in Baltimore. Todd Lubar has experience of nearly twenty-five years in the real estate sector of Maryland and surrounding areas. It is what makes him as the perfect consultant for people looking to make a purchase of a house in the Baltimore region and need financial and location guidance.


Todd Lubar believes that it is important for the people who are looking to make an investment in the real estate sector to look at Baltimore region as a suitable option. The economy in the region is growing rapidly, and it is causing an influx of youth population in the city, which has also boosted the sales of the real estate. Todd Lubar believes that for any company to be successful, its employees need to feel that they are part of the company rather than just employees. It is the reason, he always communicates openly with its teammates, and there is complete transparency in which business is conducted. He also believes that only people who are successful in real life can help their companies succeed. They need to be disciplined and know what their goals are if they want to succeed. Todd Lubar advice to young people is that they will face more closed doors than open ones. They need to find their own opportunities and also create a pathway to achieve it.



Bradesco Seguros: President Luis Carlos Trabuco

If you could listen to different people who talk about Luis Carlos Trabuco, they don’t only give his a description as known Executive Officer. That is what a mythical dynasty means. In the last 70 years, it came a time when Bradesco Organization became very successful, it was not other than Luiz Carlos Trabuco success. He has been the fourth president of the organization before he came to retire. Holding the presidency of the company has been a long lineage where Amador Aguiar started it. A position which can be described as having the power that is unquestionable. It is being given responsibilities of leading the largest financial institution which is located in Latin America. The assets of the company are worth more than R $ 900 billion and it also has 27 million people who hold the accounts with the institution.

Having been born in Marilla, he went for his studies at Sao Paulo. The organization awarded him with Science and letters after being in the faculty of Philosophy. He later went for further studies at Fundacao School to pursue a post graduation course where he was awarded Socio-Psychology wherein the institution majors in sociology and politics. After he was done with education, he started up his career in 1969 and he was just 18 years old by that time. He has been able to pass through diverse positions in his career time.

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While in Bradesco Seguros, the organization made him department director in 1984 and some years later after showing progressive work, he was made Executive Managing director in 1998. in a years time, he had already become the organizations Executive Vice president. He worked as the vice until when his promotion came and he was made the bank’s president.

During the working time at Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco management made the success of the bank to be achieved. In a period of 6 years only, the bank assets had already doubled from where it was R $32 billion in the years 2003 and by 2008 fiscal year it had over assets worth R $ 78 billion. After he had worked for only one year, the bank’s equity increased from previous year of 22% to $29% and this was his trend until his retirement period. He never had a rate falling 27% and as the bank participated in the group, it had its results increase from 26% rising to 35%.

There was performance leverage when selecting the replacement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. It took him and other conclave members time when deciding to select the successor before they concluded Marcio Cipriano. That was their enormous responsibility. The president of Bradesco Seguros, after Luiz Carlos Trabuco was given to Lazaro Brandao who was the next respected banker in the country.

During his long period of work, his management had a notable organic growth of the bank. The bank had increased with the account holders from 20 million up to 27 million which was seen as the greatest achievement according to He also had contributed greatly in service network agencies that increased from 3,500 to 5,000.

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