Inmates and Cellphone Use

Robert Johnson is a normal individual who has a major goal. This goal has been a driving factor in his day-to-day life for a handful of years now, too. He has a big problem with inmates who have any kind of access to cell phone use. He wants to stop incarcerated people from being able to use mobile devices of any kind. He has good reason for that, too. He experienced a big issue that involved inmates and cellphones seven years ago. Johnson doesn’t think that it’s acceptable for people who are in jail to be able to use cellphones for any reason. He thinks that allowing them to use cellphones is a big hazard to people everywhere.


Johnson comes from Delray Beach, Florida. He had a job in South Carolina back in 2010. His position was with Lee Correctional Institution. He was already an industry veteran by that time. He’s been a successful corrections employee for 15 full years. He essentially managed all tasks that involved contraband confiscation. He thrived in the contraband confiscation division. That ended up being quite problematic, though. It actually encouraged an inmate to attack him in the comfort of his own residence.


Johnson retrieved a sizable parcel roughly two weeks before the frightening attack. It was a contraband parcel that was thought to have a steep $50,000 value. March 5th in 2010 started out like any other normal morning. Johnson was getting ready at 5:30Am. He was set to go to work that day. That’s when he a massive sound jarred him. Someone from outside pressed against his door. He had an unfortunate realization then, too. He associated the sound with a potential attack. That understandably intimidated him to no end. Johnson made the choice to ask the invader to move toward his hallway. The last thing he wanted was for the person to enter the bedroom. His unassuming wife was fast asleep at that point. Johnson experienced a brief brawl with the trespasser. The trespasser was significantly bigger than he was and forced him down after a while. Things got even worse then. The man elevated a gun barrel in Johnson’s direction. That’s approximately the time Johnson totally blacked out.


Johnson is a serious man who doesn’t want anyone else to go through his harrowing experience. That’s why he simply cannot stop talking about this subject to the people who come his way.


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