Stream Energy Offers A Useful Tip That Can Save Consumers A Lot Of Money Over Time

All of us have been surprised, at one time or another, at the cost of our energy bill, and many people wonder how they can lower it. Sometimes the answer lies in hidden costs of running different gadgets we use in our home, and a lot of it has to do with devices that are not running but stay plugged in all of the time. By cutting power to a range of different devices when they are not in use you can cut a lot of money off of your bill over the course of a year (BizJournals). For example: by doing this with your DVR you might be able to save $36.80 in a year, and you can save up to $130 yearly by cutting power to an entertainment center when it’s not being used. This can be done by putting all of these extra energy drainers on power strips and simply turning them off completely when they aren’t in use.


Stream Energy is a company that provides energy, wireless, home, and protective services to people. It was started up as a natural gas and electricity firm in 2004 by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder but formally received its license in 2005 through the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. With headquarters in the Tollway Center building in Dallas, Texas, The company began selling electricity and gas in Texas, alone but has since expanded to offer energy to customers in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.


After 12 years of doing business, Stream Energy has earned $8 billion in total revenue and looks to continue earning more. Its multi-level marketing sales structure is the main way that the company sells energy to its customers, and it is this method of direct selling that has changed the industry of energy, altogether. On top of selling energy, Stream Energy offers a range of services that match up well with many of their customer’s busy lives, and these services allow their customers to stay connected anywhere they happen to be ( While their energy services are only available in select states that have deregulated energy laws, the rest of what they have to offer is available everywhere.


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