Wen By Chaz Kids Products Create Beautiful Hair On Youngsters

Wen cleansing conditioner is unique in many ways, but especially remarkable because it is one of the only salon-quality hair products offering a line formulated for children. Young people have problem hair just like adults, and they can suffer from the same self-consciousness issues. The products for children in this respected line of hair conditioning treatments makes it more universal than almost any other brand.

The Wen Kids Conditioning Cleanser, Body Conditioner, and Detangling Formula are created using the same natural botanicals as the adult products. WEN Hair are also offered in wonderfully effervescent aromas like watermelon, strawberry-banana, and green apple. Though the scents are inviting to children and parents, the hair management results are the most satisfying.

Chaz Dean is a lifetime salon owner who has treated problem hair in the elite Hollywood community. He has searched for conditioner and cleansing treatment formulations that satisfy his client’s demand for products that create immediate and lasting results, as well as, never exposing them to harsh chemicals, colors, and acids.

After the amazing success of Wen’s adult formulas revolutionized the hair product market, an outcry for formulas appropriate for children started. Chaz Dean is a believer that people of all ages deserve non-caustic and natural solutions for hair problems. The Wen Kids line of conditioners was born.

Wen Kids products are appropriate for children from the ages of infancy to puberty. Every conditioner in the line is gentle, non-foaming, non-allergenic, and promotes the growth of healthy hair. The products have inviting scents that encourage children to enjoy bath time, and create amazingly healthy-looking hair on youngsters. Wen by Chaz is truly unique because it treats problems with hair no matter the age of the person using it. It’s natural formulation addresses hair problems that occur for people of all ages, and its child safety protocols are unmatched in the salon world.

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A New Approach with Betsy DeVos

I could be wrong, but my thoughts are that Betsy DeVos is a great option for the Secretary of Education. I wanted to see someone in this position that wanted to see schools improve as well as create a vision for the future to continue to build on this foundation. Giving families options is the best thing you can do, and it is one that fosters a sense of community and family. I have always liked the old saying that, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and it is certainly true when it comes to learning as well. Everyone should encourage each other to learn more, and put their best foot forward when it comes to choosing programs as well as curriculum for our children. All students should be given equal opportunities, just as parents should be free to choose what school they send their children to.

This is why I am in favor of Betsy DeVos working in this position to bring reform to our schools, and to do great things for our children’s education. Betsy is also in favor of vouchers as a part of school choice. Her insight that these two programs go hand-in-hand is indeed appropriate, and her ties to the Christian community bring a healthy perspective to what is changing in and around our schools. Her business acumen, as well as her marriage to husband Dick DeVos, the former CEO of Amway, has given her tremendous support and insight into how building teams of people and support for a vision is critical.

A native of Michigan, Betsy played an integral role in helping to bring reform to schools in Detroit and around the state. As chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy has continued to encourage improvement of the education system and all aspects of it. Having been born into a successful family, and one that holds high regard for the military and all related matters.

Although the votes for her to take on this position came close to a tie, that tie was broken when the Vice President cast his vote. It is no surprise that the votes for her came so close, and I’m pretty sure it’s because she is the type of woman that gets things done.

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Securus Technologies May Be Helping Inmates Get Free Calls

Recently, Securus Technologies has challenged its business opponent, Global Tel Link, to a technology match. This match will determine what company is best for the United States and the rest of the world. This is the result of an ongoing feud between the two companies as they try to determine which company is best for inmate communication.

The first testers will be those from the technological world. These individuals will have worked or currently work in the field of technology, particularly that of communication. They will put the products of both companies to the test.

Additionally, inmates will have the opportunity to try out both services, for free. This has made inmates across the United States grateful. Normally, all inmates receive a call a day; this increases during holidays and other special occasions. However, these calls are only to be made within a certain radius. While this technology match goes on, inmates will be able to make their calls to anywhere in the world. Of course, this will come with full monitoring. Inmates will also receive extra time during each call, too; this even includes the video chat service that is offered by both companies.

Securus Technologies is more than sure they are going to win this technology match. A recent survey proved them right; it shows that 9 out of 10 inmates prefer Securus Technologies over Global Tel Link. This is mainly do to the outstanding customer support shown by Securus products. Moreover, it has been proven that Securus products are more user friendly.

Securus Technologies has stated that they are going to decrease their prices once they win this technology match. They are doing this in honor of all the inmates that count on their services on a daily basis. This will cause both inmates and states to save a lot of money.